What we offer

White-Glove Service

  • Wellfield Capital provides:

    white-glove over-the-counter (OTC) trading service, self custody, and high touch support.

  • Our digital asset platform is built to serve the unique and varying needs of investors. The platform allows investors and legal entities to buy/sell/withdraw digital assets and it is open to international accredited and non-accredited investor/legal entities
  • Dedicated Client Service. A high-touch support across multiple time zones.
  • Our experienced client services team are on standby to support trades and answer questions.
  • Each client is staffed with a service team to ensure accounts are configured to their unique specifications and business needs.

Managed Fund¹

Gain Exposure to Top Digital Assets While Reducing Risk and Volatility

A fund designed to enable investors to easily and securely get exposure to leading digital assets while reducing risk and volatility.

The fund eliminates the complexities of investing in digital assets by providing investors with outsourced trading, operations, custody, reporting, and is open to internationally accredited investors and institutions.

Self Custody

Wellfield Capital provides investors with self custody services. A non-custodial solution, describes any method of storing digital assets which does not give a third party access to the private keys.

  • Custody without counter-party risk - your keys, your coins!
  • Sovereignty becomes an ever more important security feature.
  • Eliminate single points of failure from your security.
  • Enhance security through multi-signature cold storage/hardware wallets while also preserving your control over your assets.
  • A client who self-custody their digital assets cannot have their transactions censored.
  • The risk of confiscation, either by the custodian or the local government, and the loss of privacy associated with custodial solutions are avoided.
  • Storing multiple copies, dividing your digital assets holdings between wallets, or using multisig can fortify your self-custodial solution.

    You’re in control. We’re here to help.

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